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Is the Jeep Cherokee Good Enough to Buy Twice?

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Ouch. If you’re a fan (or an owner) of the new Jeep Cherokee, you might want to sit down before you read the rest of this post. Cars.com bought a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited to review and let’s just say that things didn’t go well.

  Comments | By - March 16, 2015

Cars.Com’s Jeep Cherokee Needs Engine Swap After Only 13,000 Miles

Jeep Cherokee engine swap featured

A 2014 Cherokee had to undergo a dreaded engine swap after only 13,000 miles. And to make matters worse, the car was a long term test vehicle for Cars.com, which means that the news has been generating quite a bit of buzz.

  Comments | By - December 30, 2014

New Jeep Cherokee Recalled for Rear Shocks

Jeep Cherokee recall feature

The possibility of the rear shocks detaching from the new Jeep Cherokee definitely warrants some major concern.

  Comments | By - August 26, 2014

That New Drive – How the PTU Transmission was Born

Jeep-Cherokee Featured

When the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee was designed, Jeep drivetrain engineers knew that Jeep customers expect their vehicles to be capable and come with a true low-range. Not only did they do that, but this FWD-based drivetrain architecture features a true locking rear, a true low-range gear ratio, and the trail performance expected out of a Jeep product.

  Comments | By - June 27, 2014

China Jeeps – The Cherokee, Renegade and Compass built in China?

2015 Jeep Renegade Latitude

Chrysler-Fiat is looking to expand its Jeep brand into the Chinese market and we’ve already seen what a JK will probably end up looking like there. However, there is a rumor that there will be more than just JKs imported to the People’s Republic.

  Comments | By - June 3, 2014

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