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New Jersey Jeep Crash Bewilders Authorities

Jeep Crash

Believe or not, there’s a bright side to this photo of a mangled Jeep, crushed between a pole and a fence.

  Comments | By - April 15, 2016

Valet Crashes Jeep Through Building Into Pool

Jeep Valet Drive

Think you had a bad day? Nothing compares to the recent day this valet had when a Jeep he was parking crashed through a building and wound up in the swimming pool.

  Comments | By - January 26, 2016

Two Men Busted After Using Jeep as Meth Lab

Jeep Meth Lab

A Patriot appears to have been the preferred location for two men in Bar Harbor, Maine who were arrested for cooking meth inside the Jeep.

  Comments | By - December 21, 2015

Actor James Woods Says ‘Old Tank’ Grand Cherokee Saved His Life

Hollywood mainstay James Woods credits a Jeep Grand Cherokee with saving his life after a multiple-car pileup on a slippery Colorado highway.

  Comments | By - December 17, 2015

Unbelievably Blessed Jeep Cherokee Driver

crashed jeep cherokee

I imagine most would put this Jeep story right up there in the unbelievable or blessed category, depending on your personal perspective.

  Comments | By - December 15, 2015

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