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Jeep Sweeps German Off Road Awards


The roots for Jeep might lie in America, but the popularity of the nameplate clearly has a much broader reach.

  Comments | By - June 22, 2016

Storming South Texas River Swallows Jeep Wrangler

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 4.30.07 PM

A Jeep Wrangler innocently parked near the Guadalupe River in South Texas is suddenly swept away like a rubber ducky in a draining tub.

  Comments | By - June 6, 2016

Next Jeep Wrangler Might Not Offer a Manual Transmission


Jeep is modernizing the iconic Jeep Wrangler in 2018, and the big rumor is that the next generation JL will not have a manual transmission option.

  Comments | By - June 1, 2016

AutoBlog Bids a Fond Farewell to the Outgoing JK


There are bound to be a number of farewells coming in the near future, as the days of the current model Wrangler, the JK, wind down.

  Comments | By - May 31, 2016

7 Things That Make the Wrangler One of the Greats

Jeep-photo-lead feature

With Jeep’s 75th Anniversary upon us, there’s even more reason to rave about the Wrangler.

  Comments | By - May 2, 2016

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