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The Signs of Jeep JK Ownership


Part of what helps you, our passionate forum members, get along so well is that you all share a common experience: the lovable sickness that is owning a Jeep JK.

  Comments | By - September 16, 2015

US Specialty Vehicles Resurrects Failed GM Concept Using a Wrangler


Using a Wrangler JK subframe, US Specialty Vehicles has turned the HX concept into the off-road, buggy-style Hummer of your dreams.

  Comments | By - September 14, 2015

How-To Tuesday: Installing a Two-Door Windjammer on a Four-Door JK


What if you could take a 2-door windjammer and install it on the back of an Unlimited to give you the protection without losing the practicality of having extra seats?

  Comments | By - August 25, 2015

CJ, YJ, TJ, JK: What Does it All Mean?


Since the CJ we have had the YJ, TJ, and now the JK. So if CJ is short for Civilian Jeep, then what do the rest of the generational codes mean?

  Comments | By - August 24, 2015

This Jeep Wrangler Got Some Major League Mods

mlb-star-cameron-maybin-customizes-his-jeep-wrangler_3 - Copy

Athletes get paid to put a ball through a hoop or run a ball of leather down a field, but they don’t play games when it comes to getting their vehicles customized.

  Comments | By - August 11, 2015

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