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What Is Brightness? Part 2: Candela and Candlepower


Our resident expert sheds further light on the topic of brightness, this time with an illuminating discussion on candela and candlepower.

  Comments | By - October 6, 2015

What Is Brightness? Part 1: Watts


Hopefully our resident expert can shine some light on the question: What is brightness?

  Comments | By - October 5, 2015

Lighting Tech: LED vs. Halogen


If there is one thing that has increased its presence in off-road and Jeeps, it’s the LED light. You’re seeing it more and more, but why is that? What is the advantage over halogen lamps? We’ll answer that in this article.

  Comments | By - September 18, 2014

KC HiLiTES Brand-New Gravity LED Series Lights

4x6-gravity-pair Featured

KC HiLiTES has announced a new LED Light product for 2014: the Gravity LED Series. It uses a new, patented Gravity Reflective Diode (GRD) technology for improved precision thanks to proven reflector optics.

  Comments | By - July 21, 2014

KC HiLiTES 5-Watt Cyclone and Amber C-Series LED Lights

KC HiLiTES 5-Watt Cyclone and Amber C-Series LED Lights

Need a brighter light under the hood of your JK Wrangler? KC HiLiTES has a solution for you with their new 5-Watt Cyclone LED Light.

  Comments | By - July 11, 2014

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