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Jeep is Going to Lift Owners’ Spirits and Wranglers – from the Factory

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You can now buy a lift kit for your Wrangler from Jeep itself and not worry about voiding your warranty.

  Comments | By - April 16, 2015

What a Jeep Pickup Could Look Like


Some intrepid Jeep lovers out there are keen on seeing what a new Jeep Grand Cherokee pickup would look like, and they took to photoshop to create such a thing.

  Comments | By - April 9, 2015

Modifying a Jeep JK Wrangler: The Lift Question

lift jeep

Some folks are saying that big lift isn’t the way to go and that flex isn’t what many companies say it is. Our writer doesn’t entirely agree, and feels like further explanation is in order.

  Comments | By - January 22, 2015

That New Jeep Smell: A Quick Link That Answers Nearly All of Your Newbie Questions


Don’t worry, new Jeep Wrangler owner! We’ve got all of the answers to your newbie questions that’ll make you feel as if you’re a veteran owner in no time.

  Comments | By - January 15, 2015

Two Jeep Renegades Get the Mopar Treatment at the NAIAS


After seeing all of the sweet rigs on this site’s forum, I’ve concluded that the only unmodified Jeep is one that hasn’t been sold yet. However, Mopar has proved me wrong. Its display at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit is proof of that.

  Comments | By - January 15, 2015

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