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$600 Jeep Cherokee Makes Moab Look Paved

jeep cherokee xj

This $600 Craigslist Jeep Cherokee may be a rust bucket, but it absolutely crushed the trails of Moab during the Easter Jeep Safari.

  Comments | By - April 5, 2016

12 of the Wildest ‘No-Way’ Jeep Climbs

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These wicked photos don’t always reveal how these Jeep adventures pan out in the end. But it’s that element of the unknown that many Jeep fans live for.

  Comments | By - February 18, 2016

A Second Opinion on the 2015 Jeep Renegade

DSC00621 - Copy

The Renegade is so important that Jeep put up big money to air a commercial for it during Super Bowl XLIX. I’ve never been to “the New York island,” but I did get the chance to drive the Renegade in California.

  Comments | By - February 10, 2015

Gallery Preview: The 2015 Jeep Renegade in Northern California

DSC00641 - Copy

If you’re Jeep and rolling out the 2015 Renegade, you have to host your introductory event at a place that will simultaneously demonstrate the vehicle’s on-road composure and off-road prowess. You have to hold it in Northern California.

  Comments | By - February 5, 2015

Jeep Lovers Tackle Snow Dunes

jeep snow

Further proving that no terrain is off-limits when it comes to enjoying a Jeep, the guys at JP Magazine hooked up with a gang of other Jeepers for some fun in the snow that still has me reveling over the pictures.

  Comments | By - January 8, 2015

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