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Jeep SRT8 Runs Down Charger at the Strip


Seeing the wonderful SRT8 Cherokee in action is always a sight to behold.

  Comments | By - January 25, 2016

SRT8 Jeep Driver Dies After Sandwiching SUV Under Bridge

SRT8 Cherokee Crash

The SRT8 Grand Cherokee hit an embankment, launched into the air, and then somehow wedged itself between the lowest part of a bridge, essentially sandwiching the car between the concrete slabs.

  Comments | By - June 3, 2015

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Gets a Lift From Forgiato

jeep-srt8-forgiato-quattresimo featured image

Now, before all you die-hards start bashing these wheels, just remember, we’re talking about a Grand Cherokee SRT8 here, and not a Wrangler for your next Moab excursion.

  Comments | By - May 29, 2015

Watch this Grand Cherokee SRT8 take on Godzilla


Click “play” after the jump to see which vehicle wins the quarter-mile race. Do you think it will be the almighty GT-R, or the all-motor Jeep?

  Comments | By - August 15, 2014

This Dakota Can’t “Jeep” Up with this SRT8

V8 Dodge Dakota Getting Beaten by Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Featured

There’s no confusion as to which drag racer wins this match. The SRT8 Jeep runs away from the single-cab as if it were standing still. See for yourself in the video after the jump.

  Comments | By - July 24, 2014