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Grand Cherokee Swept Away in Texas Flash Flood With Driver Inside

flash flood 2

Check out this video from Texas of a Jeep Grand Cherokee being swept away in a flash flood thanks to days of torrential rains across the state.

  Comments | By - May 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday: MotorWeek’s Retro Review of the 1997 Wrangler TJ


MotorWeek takes the 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ and puts it through the paces, not only off-road, but also, for some unknown reason, onto the drag strip too.

  Comments | By - May 7, 2015

Hooniverse Garage Tackles 1969 Wagoneer Floor Pan

Hooniverse Garage: 1969 Jeep Wagoneer

On this episode of “Hooniverse Garage, Tim is taking it one step at a time while prepping his 1969 Wagoneer for floor pan surgery.

  Comments | By - April 29, 2015

Starwood Nomad Is the Jeep of Your Dreams


When it comes to adding together a dream list of parts to modify a Jeep, this Wrangler “Nomad” from Starwood Motors ticks every box.

  Comments | By - April 17, 2015

Hooniverse Swaps Intake Manifold Gasket on a Grand Wagoneer

rsz_hooniverse (1)

The crazy kids over at Hooniverse walk us through the process of changing the intake gasket on the Dauntless 350 engine hiding under the long hood of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

  Comments | By - April 13, 2015

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