Does Gas or Diesel Work Better for Off-Roading?

Does Gas or Diesel Work Better for Off-Roading?

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    Default Does Gas or Diesel Work Better for Off-Roading?

    Motor Trend's "Dirt Everyday" finds out if diesel can hang with gas on rocky trails.

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    I enjoy the Motor Trend YouTube channel. Their videos can be entertaining at times. You can tell that Cummins definitely paid for this video, so be prepared to enjoy them advertising and trying to sell the motor (as well as the Maxxis tires). Fred does play hard with every vehicle, a skid plate would be advisable with him behind the wheel. Even then the recent Toyota ad episode he managed to mangle the new Taco skid plate pretty badly.

    That being said, an aluminum oil pan would have cracked on that hit and there would probably be a hole in a steel one as well. I have a feeling Cummins is trying to target Jeep 4.0 owners with this new motor so it is a little confusing why they would go with the plastic pan. An smooth running emissions compatible crate motor is a nice option over the 4BT, but still not nearly as cheap as an LS.
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    I like diesel engines in general. I thought this was a pretty good episode. Was hoping for some more head to head comparisons. Also when you use different trannys and gearing etc. having a matching tire size doesn't really matter. Gets it closer to matching vehicles. I think the diesel option is great for the crawling, maybe overlanding where bombing down the roads or having to sling mud are not the norm. Fuel efficiency is critical when you are heading far off the beaten path, but so it easy access to parts. Cheaper options, more powerful options. I say it still boils down to what you like and what you plan to do with the rig. I like Fred too. Smart guy, likable and wheels hard. Sometimes too hard it seems. Being a VW TDI guy, I was rooting for the Cummins, even though it was almost an advertisement for them.

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