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    Default Contributor Spotlight: JCR Offroad

    From JCR Offroad:

    When we first saw Robert was building a Jeep JK to follow the success of the Scion xB, we knew we had to be on board to help support this great cause. We love the fact that Robert drove the Scion across the country to gain support and awareness at events for 7 ˝ years, covering over 300,000 miles, and we can’t wait to see our products support the same awareness and mileage (more we hope!) on the JK.

    Jcr Offroad has always been proud to work in the USA. Our bumpers, sliders and armor are designed in house and built here on American iron. We manufacture on equipment made in Kalamazoo, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Wheeling, Rapid City, and more; plus just like our machinery, our customers span the map.

    While we have great respect for this country, we have even more for the men and woman that fight for our right to live, work, and play in it. While we have grown immensely in the past 10 years, one thing that hasn’t changed is our reverence for a military that fights for our freedom, and individuals that give everything to ensure it.

    For the Fallen Hero’s Jeep front bumper we’ve sent our Dagger Pre-Runner bumper; a top mount winch bumper that is sleek, to the point, and looks great on all JK’s. We think it will look fantastic on the rugged Fallen Heroes build. To keep with the utilitarian military theme, we’ve sent our Crusader Rear Tire Carrier bumper. This bumper will be able to carry the spare tire, a combination of gas, water, storage, or first aid RotopaX cans, as well as a CB antenna and hi-lift jack. To round out the armor we’ve sent our JK Classic Sliders. These sliders are 100% bolt on, and work great as both a step, and protection from trees and rocks on the trail.

    JcrOffroad is proud to sponsor the Fallen Heroes Jeep, but even more we are honored to help generate funds and awareness for our Fallen Heroes!

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    Wow, great job! I was already thinking of ordering a front bumper and side rails from JCR, well this seals the deal! Semper Fi!

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    Semper Fi thanks for supporting us

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    Can't wait to see the JCR Offroad bumpers on the rig!
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