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    hmmmm, well its going to be an offroad rig, and lucky me no bank is involved, anyways, novak just emailed me back and they make an adapter that will connect a 4l60 to my 241 transfercase yay going to do somemore research and will check in with you guys
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    Quote Originally Posted by SLeepY_BoY View Post
    hmmmm, well its going to be an offroad rig, and lucky me no bank is involved, anyways, novak just emailed me back and they make an adapter that will connect a 4l60 to my 241 transfercase yay going to do somemore research and will check in with you guys
    Then who are you making payments to if you don't mind me asking? I look forward to seeing your project come together. These wranglers should have came with a v-8 or at least an option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluejk View Post
    Couple questions. Is it a trail only rig? Or are you planning to drive it on the road? Also, are you going to inform the bank that is financing your JK that you plan to make it no longer a streetable vehicle? As awesome as a LS JK is... I think that the bank would have trouble with the collateral on a loan no longer meeting legal requirements for motor vehicles.

    I am not trying to be an ass, I just am not sure how you are working that out. Also, you should prolly be sucking up to holymoly since he owns the only LS powered JK that I know of and could probably save you loads of time and money.

    You actually quoted me on part of that Personally, its what the bank knows. I had 2 years of payments left on my Camaro when I added a Turbo. Sure that would have gone over like a fart in church....not like I called tha bank and said...."hey, are you cool with this?" In short, as long as the $$ is given each month, don't really think this is an issue. Just my $0.02

    Quote Originally Posted by HolyMolyRacing View Post
    Advanced adapters sells a 4L80e / 4L60 adapter for the Atlas transfer case. I think a stock transfer case would explode under the load of a LS /LQ motor.

    I had my 4L80 (Quadzilla Model) modified by Performance Transmission to be a manual valve body. Means automatic trans that you manually shift, the computer is eliminated, just like a race car or hot rod. It is great, idles down hills with no brakes and down shifts are instant! These parts are not custom they are off the shelf.

    My motor dyno says it's supposed to have 580 hp /630 torque at the crank shaft so the 4L80 is perfect. I already owned the trans. it is big and I had to modify the floor for the transfer case clocking. Smaller trans TH400 will fit easier, but you loose the over drive gears. Plus stock motor probably produces 390-425 max hp. so probably 270 hp at the wheels. Even less with 40 inch tires and dana 60 is my guess.

    the oil pan is the stock LQ9 pan from Turn Key Engine Supply. though I recommend

    ORE custom made the motor mounts. They are simple plate design, solid mounted.

    To be clear I do not have a blue print for you to follow. It's not like your paying me to tell you what I did so if you want more help be nicer, thanks.
    For HolyMoly..... I'm sorry if I seemed like an a$$ in the previous posts, but THANK YOU. You've now provided the info I've been seaching for. All I need is some wiring diagram info and you'll have no idea what sickness I can unleash with an LSx on the JK world The pan was a big factor. By your input, + get an LQ9 pan from a 2010 Camaro or G8.... that is a big step. You have no idea.............

    BTW, I own HP Tuners (known in the LSx world) so I can actually tune the 4L80E electronically vs. retro-fitting a manual valve body (though they are fun ). The adapter and oil pan + mount type was 1/2 the equation. You just answered that The wiring is the other 1/2. I might be able to figure that out on my own with the Chrysler softwre I have, Again, you have no idea how helpful that little bit of info was. Thanks bro !!!!!
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