YouTuber Gives 10 Serious Reasons to Keep Your Jeep Wrangler Stock

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Avoid attention from police, save on gas, free up funds and get better gas mileage. Need any more?

The Jeep Wrangler is the most-modified vehicle in America, based on the high percentage of vehicles that are delivered by the dealership with at least one Mopar upgrade. Of course, the aftermarket for the Wrangler is likely among the biggest for any single vehicle, so between Mopar and other companies, it is rare to see a JK or JL that is completely stock.

However, the American Jeeper YouTube channel recently put together a video detailing 10 reasons to keep your Wrangler stock. This is a humorous piece, but in most cases, the points made are valid.

Modified Jeep Wrangler

Reasons 10 through 6

The video does a reverse countdown, starting with the fact that a stock Jeep Wrangler gets better gas mileage than a modified vehicle. Next, the host explains that keeping your Wrangler stock frees up time for working out and staying in shape, along with allowing more time for your day job. Reason number seven is the ability to stop renting a storage garage to hide new parts from your wife and in the sixth spot, we have the fact that a stock vehicle doesn’t stand out as much, thus drawing less attention.

Jeep Wrangler Fuel Economy

Reasons 5 through 2

The fifth reason to leave your Jeep stock is that it will free up more time and money for other hobbies and bad habits, which are displayed as gambling with beautiful women and playing with guns. The fourth reason is that a stock Jeep won’t get you arrested for having illegal parts and in third, we have the fact that women won’t assume that a guy with a jacked-up Wrangler is trying to compensate for some other shortcomings.

Jeep Wrangler with Guns

In the second spot, the host points out that when you have a stock Jeep, everyone won’t just buy you Jeep parts for Christmas, so getting gifts is far more exciting.

Number One Reason

Finally, we have the number one reason to keep your Jeep Wrangler stock. The JK and JL come trail-ready from the factory, so if you bought your Jeep to have fun in the mud or woods, upgrades will make it easier, but a stock ride will afford you all sorts of off-roading fun.

Stock Jeep Wrangler with a Flag

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