2000 Jeep Cherokee With 4,418 Miles Could Be Yours

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XJ Jeep Cherokee with 4,400 miles.

Low-mileage Cherokee is a four-wheel-drive time capsule and it could be yours soon.

The XJ Jeep Cherokee isn’t getting any younger. It’s been more than 15 years since Jeep stopped producing the boxy icon. That much time alone can ravage any vehicle. When it comes to the 1984-2001 Cherokee, you also have to factor in the damage that rocks and logs and sand and water can inflict upon its body and running gear…

…unless you’re talking about this particular Cherokee. Truck Yeah! got wind of one of its readers, John Sharkey, buying it as a winter beater for his mom to replace her wrecked Subaru. The widow he bought it from had no use for it or any of her late husband’s other vehicles because she walked everywhere. Although she put high price tags on her departed spouse’s other vehicles, such as his 1968 Chevrolet Camaro and 1972 Plymouth Duster, she let the 2000 Cherokee go for a more approachable – but undisclosed – amount. According to the site, “John and his buddies drove to the seller’s house … and immediately had their minds blown when they lifted the car cover. Not only did the XJ somehow have only 4,400 miles on the odometer, but it still had original instruction stickers for various features (like the folding seats and floor jack), the original tires, an original cargo cover, and an absolutely mint interior. Oh, and there wasn’t a spec of rust. Anywhere.”

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If Sharkey didn’t buy this Jeep, the seller could’ve easily sold it to a museum. Just look it. The body is ruler straight (even though it got onto a minor fender bender in its first week on the road), the paint still seems to have plenty of luster, and the interior has never seen a muddy footprint…or even a dirty look.

Of course, the 4.0-liter I6 could use some fresh seals, fluids, and filters, but the price of those will buy decades and hundreds of thousands of miles of future driving and engaging the NP 242 transfer case.

This nearly untouched XJ is so nice that Sharkey’s mom isn’t going to use it to drive through the hazards of winter. That means Sharkey is going to sell it. How much is he going to ask for this well-preserved piece of Jeep history? $15,000.

via [Truck Yeah!]

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