2018 Jeep Wrangler – Interior Photos Are Here

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After seeing official photographs of the new Wrangler debut at SEMA, we’re happy to finally get a glimpse of what it looks like from the inside.

We were a bit surprised that Jeep dropped a set of official photographs at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. We were there to see the unveiling of hundreds of new Jeep-specific Mopar accessories, but were treated to a brief snapshot of what the new Wrangler would be. Even still, the video did not show anything of the original American Sport Ute’s interior. While we instantly fell in love with the evolution-over-revolution styling update, we wanted to know what we’d be dealing with inside. You can’t see the outside of the truck from the driver’s seat anyway.

Jeep says:

The all-new Wrangler’s interior design combines authentic styling, precision craftsmanship and high-quality materials that result in improved versatility and comfort for drivers and passengers.

With two brand new photos of the interior, we’re able to relax a bit. Appearing to be from the same bright red two-door Rubicon model as the rest of the premier shots, this particular model is fitted with an enthusiast-pleasing manual transmission. At first glance we’re already fans of this new interior, preferring it to the current model’s somewhat oddball looks. With a throwback color-matched dash panel, we’re instantly reminded of the view from Granddad’s CJ5 passenger seat when we were kids. The Wrangler as a whole is a throwback to a simpler era, and it’s about time the interior matched that intent.

While we still have to wait until the end of November to finally see specifications and pricing, we’re pretty well sold on this new Wrangler as being a good move. We’re excited to get our hands on one, that’s for sure. Look for live coverage from our editorial team at the LA Auto Show debut on November 29th!

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