2019 Easter Jeep Safari to Feature Super-savage Build by GenRight

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GenRight’s latest project will feature what is perhaps the greatest Jeep JK suspension setup ever created by man (and CAD).

2019’s installment of the always-awesome Moab Easter Jeep Safari is right around the corner. Which means loads of fun for those in attendance, but also a slew of amazing builds from both Jeep and the many vendors who support them. One of the biggest perennial supporters of the Easter Jeep Safari is GenRight, purveyors of a wide array of fine aftermarket products. And now, we’ve got a sneak peek at some of the parts that will be going into this year’s build.

It all starts off with GenRight’s killer JK Elite Coilover Suspension Kit. Easily one of the most comprehensive Jeep suspension kits we’ve ever seen, the Elite setup is fully customizable depending on your specific needs. You’ve got your choice between all different kinds of King and/or FOX shocks, skid plates, bump stops, and gas tanks. And the overall design of this setup is quite ingenious, too.

GenRight Moab Easter Jeep Safari Build

For starters, the kit comes in pre-welded sub assemblies, which cuts installation time in half. The belly system is completely flat, with the control arms tucked in the middle. This protects those fragile pieces from trail hazards. GenRight designed the Elite system using extensive CAD work to create a setup that articulates incredibly smoothly. Providing not only the best performance off-road, but also great ride quality on all surfaces.

GenRight Moab Easter Jeep Safari Build

And since the control arms aren’t connected to the center transfer case skid plate, service is a snap. This extensive setup is one heck of a serious kit. And that makes it the perfect basis for GenRight’s badass 2019 Moab build. And you can bet that it’ll be the belle of the ball when it rolls out in the desert in just a couple of weeks.

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