Burn Baby Burn: Watch 700-HP Jeep Race Truck Go Jumpin’ & Hoonin’

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To break in their ramps at their new space, Hoonigan brought in a crazy Jeep build that defies expectations and gravity. 

Recently, the crew at Hoonigan moved to a new property in Long Beach, California. Their previous neighbors had a few complaints about the noise, imagine that!  Now, their new space includes a huge outdoor space so they can film as many burnouts, jumps, and wild automotive shenanigans as they can think of. On their You Tube show Daily Transmission they decided it was time to take some inaugural jumps on the ramps. What could be better for this task than a crazy modded Jeep?

The 3700 Class Jeep speed race truck is owned by racer and builder Ryan Kibbe of off-road fabricators Kibbetech. Built from a JK chassis, this Jeep heavily modified, and incredibly awesome.

jeep speed race truck + hoonigan

Kibbe explains that the Jeep is currently without a solid front axle, and front differential and axles are not needed right now. It is running on a LSX 44 Mullinex racing engine, and makes over 700 horsepower.

jeep speed race truck + hoonigan

Kibbe explains that the biggest hurdle with the hooning and building with a Jeep is “the cabs are kind of awkward, kind of feel like you sit low, but you’re really close to to the roof.”

He found a way to make it work, and built the suspension kit, front bumper, engine cage, headers, exhaust, and uprights for the 4WD.

Once the Hoonigan crew sees what Kibbe’s working with, they can’t wait to see it go. And it does not disappoint. To warm up, Kibbe hits the ramp and goes flying!

It is hard to capture the full effect in a still picture as Kibbe’s Jeep floors it, and takes off. Plus it is late in the day so it is getting darker. No better time than to tear up the pavement with a tire-screeching, smokeshow.

The Jeep is incredible, and you will be shocked at how this baby can fly. They challenge Kibbe to do a jump and donut combo, no problem. It doesn’t get more satisfying than watching and listening to this badass Jeep roar around the Burn Yard.

jeep speed race truck + hoonigan

Enjoy the show.

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