Apparently, There’s More to SEMA Than Pretty Women in Front of Things

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It’s true! There are Jeeps, cars, trucks, and even parts! It’s like SEMA is a show devoted to the aftermarket.

Based on photos we’d seen in the past, we thought it was like a crappy wet t-shirt contest. Boy, was I surprised! Anyhow, Pictured above is the Falken Tire development Jeep buggy. Owned by Currie Enterprises and raced by Savvy off-road, the buggy helped Falken develop their new Wildpeak M/T. The Wildpeak M/T is the hardcore version of their successful Wildpeak A/T. Vowing to not rush the M/T to market, Falken chose SEMA as its stage for the new tire. Man, SEMA was fun! Below is some more fresh gear from the aftermarket…

Enjoy! But if all you’re interested in is the girls, head here.

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