Jeep CJ-7 Crawls Decimated Alaskan Road Like a Champ

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Major 7.0 earthquake may have rattled Anchorage’s spirit but this boulder basher’s bravado is rock-solid.

Jeep vehicles are designed to be comfortable on-road and capable off-road. To fully test whether one is, you typically have to drive down paved roads until you get to either a trail or an OHV park. According to the Anchorage Daily News, on November 30, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Alaska seven miles north of Anchorage, turning public roads into off-road courses full of chunks of pavement. The damage to one particular road may have prevented traffic from flowing, but it didn’t stop one particular determined Jeep CJ-7 driver.

Ben Ertel, host of the Youtube channel JK Gear and Gadgets, is a resident of Alaska, as well as the owner of an LJ, XJ, and JK. Naturally, footage of the CJ wheeling over the destruction caught his eye. He makes sure to share it in this video. Destroyed Alaska Highway Jeep CJ-7

It starts with a blue CJ-7 on knobby tires chugging along a road until it reaches a spot where the road is broken into two different levels. A long, uneven stretch of shattered pavement lies ahead. After opening their door to take a brief glance at the destruction in front of them, the driver decides to roll on. They descend the first makeshift step smoothly. As they make their way down the next section of ruined tarmac, you hear a bit of scraping. The driver is undeterred and forces the CJ-7’s right tires over chunks of rubble so they can reach the next broad swath of pavement. Destroyed Alaska Highway Jeep CJ-7

They make an easy left, then hang right before coming to another pausing point. The road in front of the Jeep slopes down toward a narrow gap that divides it from the rest of the pavement ahead. Having come this far, the driver pushes on, keeping their right foot down until the CJ-7’s front tires bite onto the next slab and pull the rest of the Jeep behind them. The driver then forges ahead, takes another left, and climbs out of the mess and onto the rest of the road that wasn’t broken apart by the quake or the thousands of aftershocks that followed it.

No word on who was behind the wheel, but given the driver’s cavalier attitude toward paved surfaces, we have to entertain the thought it could’ve been a certain eccentric inventor.

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