Another Kid Crashes a Jeep into a House

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It’s good to hear the popularity of the Jeep brand just keeps getting stronger even with a younger demo, but I have to say I’m growing a little concerned with stories of young kids hopping behind the wheel of the SUVs trying to join in the fun.

A few weeks after learning of a nine-year-old in Utah crashing a Jeep into a house, there’s news of a toddler in Oregon smashing a Jeep into one, and then dashing back home to watch cartoons, according to a CNN report.

A witness alerted police after seeing the boy roll by in the Wrangler before hitting the house and running home for cover in diapers and all. The toddler evidently had been plotting the drive for a while (well, as much as a three-year-old can plot) because officers had warned a relative earlier to keep a watch on the kid after seeing him sitting in the Jeep.

Now, it looks like the parents could bear the brunt of the punishment with a citation for the three-year-old’s poor decision to take the wheel, which seems about right to me.

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