Anticipation for New Grand Wagoneer Grows

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Top Jeep Exec Contends New Full-Size Luxury Jeep Wagoneer Is Long Overdue

Ever heard of the phrase “you have to read between the lines”?

Well, we decided to apply that concept to a recent Digital Trends interview we stumbled upon with Jeep brand head, Mike Manley.

The interview actually opens with an update, noting it was conducted before Jeep got hit with the EPA emissions issue tied to the Grand Cherokee. Still, it’s some of the other points discussed in relation to the new Grand Wagoneer that Jeep fans will probably find most interesting.

Grand Wagoneer

Take, for example, Manley makes the case for both a new Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.

“If you look at that segment, and you look at the offerings in that segment, a number of our competitors have two distinctly different vehicles – in terms of overall size and options,” says Manley.

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The top Jeep exec also specifies that he’s speaking of two distinctively different models, not trim levels. Contrary to our initial concerns, that suggests there might very well be a Wagoneer that the average Jeep buyer can afford, when it debuts by 2020.

Manley also spoke about some of the luxury elements of the future Wagoneer. He says they’ll essentially build on the luxury appeal of the Grand Cherokee. That SUV started taking a lot of luxury consumers from brands like BMW and Audi. Manley also identifies Lincoln, Cadillac and, of course, Land Rover as potential competitors.

“This is not a new place for Jeep; if you go back in our history to the Grand Wagoneer, Jeep was the premium SUV,” says Manley.

So, if you’re looking for another vote of confidence for the forthcoming luxury SUV, Manley certain delivers it here.

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