How to LS Swap a Jeep XJ Cherokee (photos)

The GM LS engine family has proven itself at being reliable, and easy to modify. Stock they overpower the Jeep 4.0, and they can easily make more. If you are going to put one in a Jeep XJ Cherokee, here’s a quick rundown of the work ahead.

  Comments | By - May 19, 2017

LS Turbo Jeep Comanche Pickup Torches Strip

This LS Turbo Comanche proves yet again that Jeeps aren’t just meant for off-road racing.

  Comments | By - May 3, 2017

What you Need to LS Swap a Jeep TJ Wrangler (photos)

GM’s LS line of engines maintains their standing as the most versatile and easily swapped power plants on the planet. Are you interested in swapping your Wrangler’s engine with an LS? No problem. Here’s what you can expect.

  Comments | By - May 1, 2017

Downhill Power Wheels Barbie Jeep Racing (Photos)

If you have kids Power Wheels sells a Jeep just for them, and a Barbie version in pink. When the kids outgrow them, some crazy dads and uncles have begun racing them down whatever decent sized hill is nearby. Does anyone want to join the fun?

  Comments | By - February 13, 2017

5 Best Motors to Swap into a Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate off-road vehicle, but the recent factory engine options have been lackluster. Pull out the cherry picker and the wrenches and almost anything can be swapped into your Jeep. Here are some favorite options.

  Comments | By - January 27, 2017

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