BFGoodrich Member Profiles: Chawndelle Adams

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BFGoodrich Member Profiles Chawndelle Adams

This is our final BFGoodrich Profile, and today we have a newcomer to the Jeep world and another veteran. Let’s take a look at Chawndelle Adams, better known as “LostGirl” on the forums, and her first-ever Jeep: a Wrangler Rubicon JK. She’s already seen some tough crawling with it and with her trail buddies, so let’s take a closer look at LostGirl.

Chawndelle has been involved with our Armed Forces, specifically the Navy, for eight years, and she was recently stationed in California. Within that time she got a taste for off-roading, but it wasn’t until she got her Wrangler Rubicon and hit the Dusy Ershim Trail that she really got hooked.

It was a six-day trip on one of the hardest, most Rubicon-like trails in California. The Dusy Ershim is located near Mammoth Lakes and is rated a 10 going south to north by It’s a pure Wrangler trail that is rated for small-wheelbase vehicles with at least 32-inch-tall tires like the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM2.

Her Rubicon was well-equipped to tackle the challenge with ProComp 17-inch wheels, 35-inch-tall tires, a Warn winch and Rancho Shocks. Her favorite modification is the Fox 2.0 Steering Stabilizer because she was experiencing the dreaded “death-wobble.” However, she’s looking forward to the day when her Rubicon will get a Superchip tuner and weld-on rock sliders. Her favorite spot to take her Rubicon is any trail she can hit, and being in SoCal she does have quite a few places to go.

2014 Ram 1500Just like every member here on JK-Forum, she wants the next-generation Jeep Wrangler to be the best off-roader possible, and for it to come with diesel power. We’ll have to wait and see if that will ever ring true, but if enough people ask for it, maybe we’ll actually see it.

Chawndelle would like to thank her friends here on JK-Forum, and David Little, Dave Lawrence, Mike Fortenberry and Jon Ringard. We want to thank Chawndelle for being a member of JK-Forum, and for her time in the Navy. We’ll see you on the trail soon.

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