Cab-Forward Jeep, Anyone?

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I don’t know about you, but I really dig cab-forward anything. Make it a Jeep and all the better! This, my friends, is a 1965 Jeep FC170, but you probably already knew that, right?

What you see here is the only cab-forward Jeep I have ever seen, and it’s amazing, and it was for sale … at least until Jalopnik crashed the page. Silly Jalops.

What I can tell you is that the original inline six-cylinder engine is long gone and was replaced by an AMC V8. Because if you’re going to do an engine swap, you best make it a V8. Other than being able to park and tailgate to your heart’s content, what’s also cool about this truck is that it’s a truck. It has a fully functional bed that you can put all sorts of useful things in.


Like an extra set of tires, or extra oil since this engine is known for burning it. Also the ad stated, at least before it was blown out of the water, that the rig only had 11,000 miles on the odometer. At this point I’m calling B.S. No one stores and saves a 1965 hot-rodded FC Jeep. It was built to be used, and probably has rolled over a few times. The seller wanted $8,000 for the Jeep, but after some searching through the Google machines, prices are all over the map, ranging from a couple grand for a basket case, to $30,000 for a restored version — so the price isn’t that insane. And if you want to check out more awesome FC Jeeps, go here.

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