Casey Currie Lands Second Place at Round 9

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Casey Currie knew a change was needed before Round nine at Glen Helen on August 4th. So, with a lot of time between round eight and round nine, the Currie Monster Jeep crew went to work and made major changes to the rear of his Monster Energy JK. With testing out of the way, they were confident they would net a great result.


The start of Casey’s great weekend would be in qualifying for group B of the ProLite class, and he would end up with a front-row start. While many had hoped the night would bring temperatures down, it would prove to not work in that favor and even promised rain at Glen Helen. That front-row start would continue to favor Currie as he would follow right in line with R.J. Anderson.

They were bumper to bumper for nearly the entire race. Currie even made attempts to pass him several times. With drives breathing down both RJ and Currie’s necks, the two drivers would end up finishing in 1st and 2nd, respectively. “This was a fun race, and it was great to put in solid clean laps while fighting for the lead,” said Currie. “It felt great to put on a show for the fans and be able to get on the podium for my family and friends.”

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