Coolest Dad Ever Drives His Wrangler to Death

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I’m going to keep this short because the sooner I finish this post, the sooner I can start looking into getting adopted by Casey Neistat.

In the following video, the commercial director and famous Youtuber takes his Wrangler out into the mud and muck behind a Target store. His (real) son is riding shotgun. To fully experience the rain-drenched environment, Neistat chooses to go sans-doors and sans-roof. The dirty water splashes and flies everywhere, but it doesn’t wash away the smiles he and his fellow off-roader are wearing.

Unfortunately, the Neistat men end up having a little too much fun for the Jeep’s tastes. Click play to see what I mean. Just be sure you have an umbrella handy when you do. I’m going to be filling out some paperwork …

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