Modern Jeep Wrangler Dons Classic Mask

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Jeep JL Gladiator Wrangler Front End

Looking like a ’60s-era Jeep Gladiator, JL Wrangler combines classic look with modern performance, including a supercharged engine.

The Jeep Wrangler won the “4×4 SUV of the Year” award at SEMA for the ninth-straight year at last week’s gigantic convention in Las Vegas, so as you might expect, there were tons of new JLs on display. Many of them were radically modified, but none were customized quite like this one.

This rig from Pro Motorsports wears front end styling from the classic Jeep Gladiator along with a host of other upgrades inside, outside and under the hood.

Jeep JL Gladiator Wrangler Side

Face of a Gladiator

The most significant aspect of this Jeep JL Wrangler is the front end, which sports the design of the classic Gladiator pickups. It appears as though the grille and hood have both been modified to present the classic look, which fits the modern lines perfectly.

That new face is protected by an aftermarket bumper that extends out away from the front end, but there is no winch. We can see a large front-mount intercooler behind the custom grille, so perhaps the builder skipped the winch to allow more air to hit that intercooler.

Jeep JL Gladiator Wrangler Rear

Along the sides, this custom Wrangler has tube doors, custom fenders, rock rails and aftermarket wheels wrapped in big off-road rubber. It may also have some suspension work to provide more wheel articulation and room for the big meat, but it isn’t as jacked-up as many of the Jeeps at SEMA.

Jeep JL Wrangler Interior

Hidden Gems

On the inside, this JL Wrangler with the Gladiator front end has Katzkin leather seats with white stitching in the front and rear. The aftermarket seat skins definitely present a higher-end look, contrasting against the white trim throughout the cabin.

Finally, the Pro Motorsports Instagram channel posts about this Jeep tag ProCharger, so when coupled with the big front-mount intercooler, it is safe to assume that this Wrangler is supercharged. With that in mind, the odds are good that this JL packs the Pentastar V6, offering solid power with the aftermarket forced induction setup.

Jeep JL Gladiator Wrangler Seats

While not everyone will love the classic Gladiator look on the modern Wrangler, it made for a cool, unique show vehicle at the 2018 SEMA Show while contributing to the Hottest SUV title.


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