YJ Wrangler Crushes a Bunch of Cars Too Good for Crushing

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Jeep Crushes Clunkers 1

How many times have you wanted to do this in traffic? This video of a Jeep YJ Wrangler crushing some questionable clunkers reminds us that Jeeps really can go anywhere, even if another vehicle is blocking where that particular “anywhere” is.

Jeep Crushes Clunkers 2

As awesome as it is to imagine myself being the driver of this Jeep, it pains me to see the kinds of cars being run over. Granted, that Porsche 944 was in rough shape even before its crushing, but it’s a Porsche … it’s worth saving. Also, those E36 3 Series BMWs and classic Mercedes-Benzes were too nice to be included in that demolition. Couldn’t they have found a couple of Hyundai Excels or Kia Sephias to throw in there instead?

Well, at least those nice rides were sacrificed for a good cause because when is running over cars with your Jeep a bad idea? Alright, I know: When people are sitting inside the cars getting a crushing, it might be a bad time to do a mow-over, but other than that, really, when is it ever a bad idea to run over other cars (that you own and dislike) with your Jeep?

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