Custom Jeep Wrangler Making Trek Across Africa: Update

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Jeep Hood Map

JK-Forum member and his Wrangler are racking up a lifetime’s worth of wheeling, touring a continent many only dream of visiting.

Have you been following the journey of the JK-Forum member, Grecy (aka, Dan Grec) as he embarks on an 80,000 trek across the continent of Africa? You should. He’s doing the kind of overlanding most only daydream about. His companion for the journey is a thoughtfully modified JK Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon with a 2.5″ AEV lift, 34″ BF Goodrich K02s, an Ursa Minor Vehicles J30 popup camper, and all the tools he needs to keep from getting stuck. The full build is here on his personal blog. Check out part 1 of our coverage.

Dan has been busy since we last posted an update, and has since entered the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

DRC Border gate

The slog across The DRC has started in earnest!
After writing an entry date in my own passport with a pen, I am finally legal in the country!
The walking trail got interesting in a few places, and I just about tore one of the fenders right off.

Dan fixing front fender drc

The scenery here in the DRC is absolutely stunning – completely unexpected!

DRC scenery

Dan eventually found the “highway” that follows the Congo and made his way East to find a ferry crossing. Mud makes an appearance. Frequently.

Jeep Village DRC

Even a run in with a stern “warlord” policeman doesn’t slow him down. Though, the “most ramshackle ferry of my life” does make him sweat a bit.

DRC Ferry

And after a solid bribery attempt and and stand off, I reach the border of Angola.
Mad Max was close, but got something seriously wrong. The amount of trash on the ground. Imagine it at least 2 feet deep, absolutely everywhere you can see.
Hundreds of people streaming across the border, scorching heat and humidity.
To top it all off, a guy walked right past with a full-sized fridge on his head!

Dan crosses into Angola and posts some of the most scenic images yet.

Jeep Sunset Angola

I am absolutely loving Angola so far.
After the mud slog through the DRC, I was absolutely ready for some beach-n-chill time. So I did exactly that.

Shipwreck Beach Angola

Now I’m out exploring around, with not particular goal in mind.

I really love Angola, and already think I will extend my visa.


Angola Campsite

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