Did This Subaru Sedan Just Out-Jeep You?

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Subaru Legacy Jeep

With minimal modifications, this Subaru Legacy 3.6R sedan just took on the “Hell’s Revenge” trail at Moab, and won. Granted, this trail isn’t the Rubicon, where Jeeps earn their Trail Rating, but it’s still a pretty intense one, and includes the near-iconic “Tip-over.” The Legacy has only received a mild lift (using mostly OEM parts from other Subaru models), a skid plate, and a modified stock bumper to increase maximum approach angles.

It’s obvious from the video below that the driver is taking the smart angles through some of these obstacles to make things easier on himself and his car, but it’s no-less impressive to watch. There¬†is water, steep steps, articulation areas, and oddball situations to keep aware of when traversing the trail. And he does a great job of it. An experienced trail rider, he must be.

The “Hell’s Revenge”¬†trail is ranked as category 6, so it’s no slouch. The Subaru must be pretty capable to make it through some of those slickrock sections, and while fording some water and overcoming craggy surfaces. It looks like a lot of fun, and I’d certainly love to give it a try myself. What do you say, is your Jeep up to the task, or are you going to let this sedan beat you at your own game?

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