11 Things Every Wrangler Owner Should Experience

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Top Jeep executive says you haven’t fully lived life until you’ve done these things.

Ever wonder if there might be an experience you’ve missed out on as the proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler?

Sure, there’s the obvious like taking the top off your Jeep, which has long been a part of the joy and sense of freedom that comes with owning one of the vehicles. But what are some of the other things that have become an important part of living the Jeep life over the 75-year history of the nameplate?

Well, during this year’s annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, JK-Forum decided to probe Mark Allen, head of Jeep design (pictured above), about the things he thinks every person who owns a Wrangler should experience with his/her Jeep. That is, if you truly consider yourself a die-hard Jeep enthusiast.

1. Get Stuck

It’s a camaraderie thing. Noting pulls people together like pulling a Jeep out of a mud pit. It also means you’re pushing your Jeep. If you’re not getting stuck, that means you’re not doing something right: you’re not going hard enough.

2. Help Pull Somebody Out

It feels so heroic when someone is stuck and relying on you and your Jeep for salvation. You feel like a superhero.

3. Go to Moab During Easter Jeep Safari

There are thousands of Jeeps from across the nation and the world. Every Jeep you can imagine is here. It’s a cultural phenomenon that is as much about the people as it is about the Jeeps. Make sure you bring your family.

4. Do the Rubicon Trail

It’s hard. It’s intensive. And It’s beautiful.

5. Take Your Doors Off

You can’t do it on any other vehicle. It instantly transforms your Jeep into something else. It’s a totally different experience than any other street-legal vehicle can give you.

6. Take a Dog for a Ride

Dogs, Jeeps, perfect. No explanation necessary.

7. Know the Jeep Wave

Because you’re in the club.

8. Get Lost Off Road

There’s nothing to fear when you own a Wrangler.

9. Camp in Your Jeep

You can always get the better spot.

10. Customize It

There is no other vehicle that you can modify so easily or rapidly as a Jeep.

11. Cook on the Motor

Throw gas station frozen burritos on top of the engine. On the four-liter you can line up three or four on each side of the valve cover. On a 3.8-liter, you can put them back by the battery. And on a 3.6, you can lift up the engine cover and drop them right next to the oil filter.

OK, so maybe that’s ten things you should do with your Jeep Wrangler, considering that cooking a Burrito on the motor isn’t one of those things you can claim on your insurance if something happens to go awry under the hood of your Jeep.

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