FCA Recalls JL Wrangler for Bad Track Bar Bracket Welds

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2018-19 JL Wrangler Frame Weld FCA recall

Recall involves 18,000 2018-2019 JL Wranglers, 720 of which ‘may have’ potentially catastrophic welds that could result in sudden crashes.

The first year or two of any new model is going to have a few issues that will be corrected in later models. Despite the best efforts of a manufacturer to hit a homer out of the park on the first swing, issues ranging from panel gaps to poor engine choices will likely result in a few strikes instead.

Sometimes, though, the issue could mean life or death. Such is the case with a recent recall issued by FCA. According to Jalopnik, the recall affects some 18,000 2018-2019 JL Wranglers, 720 of which “may have” a potentially catastrophic problem with welds on the track bar bracket that could result in a “vehicle crash without prior warning.”

The recall comes on the heels of numerous complaints filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website regarding structural issues with the welds. Here’s a closer look at the issue from YouTuber Bret Stevens¬†in the below video.

Thankfully, FCA is on the ball with the recall, as a spokesperson of the company informed Jalopnik¬†that “recall notices are pending” for the 18,000 2018-2019 JL Wranglers with the potential issue. As stated above, FCA believes four percent of the Wranglers under recall (around 720) likely have the issue, which will be repaired promptly. Affected Wranglers on the lot, of course, will not leave the lot until the issue is fixed as well. It is unknown exactly how long it will take to remedy the situation, however we expect the vehicles to be back up for sale again soon.

New vehicle models all have teething troubles, including those made by Jeep. Thankfully, they can be fixed if caught early enough, as Jeep has done with their JL Wranglers.

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