Do Ford Fans Just Want A Crappier Jeep?

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Does Ford really think it can steal some of Jeep’s thunder with a sub-par copycat?

One of the sister sites for JK-Forum is a land of Ford-loving degenerates called FTE, or Ford Truck Enthusiast. Recently they published an article showing off renders of “The 2020 Bronco You Want!” Call us crazy, but a chunky two-door 4×4 with a removealble top, large wheels, and retro styling sounds an awful lot like a Jeep Wrangler.

They say this render was created by paying attention to “what (FTE) readers want.” Really? Ford owners want a Jeep Wrangler with an uglier nose, and a small EcoBoost engine? Seriously, the proportions on that thing are wonky. The hood is too long, it doesn’t sit high enough, and the stretched wheelbase won’t be doing any favors for the breakover angles.

But we get it, sorta.

It makes sense that Ford would want to copy the Wrangler’s impressive success in the marketplace, but we can’t understand who the buyers would be. Is there really enough people out there demanding a Wrangler with a Ford badge? You would imagine that in the 20 years since the Bronco was officially killed that all those people would have just went a bought a Jeep already.

But what do you guys think? We want you to sound off in the forum about this one. First, do you think Ford actually has what it takes to build a proper competitor to the legendary Wrangler? If they do, do you think they will build something good enough to steal thunder, mind share and sales from the upcoming JL? Personally we think that’s a huge hurdle for the Blue Oval to overcome, but we’ve been wrong before.

Hit that forum and let your voices be heard.

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