2015 Jeep Wrangler is Ready for Fun Anywhere

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jk-forum.com 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Overland Build

JK-Forum member’s Jeep JKU build is covered and filled with plenty of useful mods for off-roading, tailgating, and avoiding hotels.

It’s hard to find two modified Jeep Wranglers that are the same. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible. Each owner has different needs, desires, and budgetary restrictions. However, the ideas behind different builds are often similar.

Forum member yuke175 started with as blank a slate as he could for the extensive build he had in mind. He purchased an Anvil 2015 JKU Sport with a manual gearbox and steel wheels. His ultimate goals? To make his Jeep do things that many of you have wanted your rigs to do: go over rocks and other natural obstacles more easily, light up trails better, travel further, and hold more stuff.

Judging by the thread covering his build, it certainly looks as if yuke175 accomplished his goals. His JKU has three-inch front springs, four-inch rear springs, and bead-lock wheels wrapped in a handsome set of Toyo Open Country R/T tires for conquering trails. Skid plates and rock sliders protect yuke175‘s Jeep from Mother Nature. It even has a snorkel to help him go from one trail, across deep water, and to another. If yuke175 needs more grip, he can air down (then air back up) using his onboard compressor. A rear-mounted auxiliary gas canister extends driving/wheeling range.

yuke175 knows adventures don’t end when the sun goes down, so he installed enough lighting to illuminate a stadium and a roof rack…with a tent on top. There’s a fridge/freezer in the back for food and snacks, and even a fold-out table and cutting board in the swing gate. Those are especially great mods because yuke175 often has his lady and/or his pooch Jake with him. So are the covers yuke175 slipped over his seats. He said, “The dog hair wipes right off, and the water resistant nature of them is very helpful in a Jeep.”

Those aren’t the only things on your project that are helpful, yuke175. You’ve transformed your Jeep into a rock-crawling home away from home. We can’t wait to see how you upgrade it even more in the future.

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