Hellcat-swapped, Two-door Jeep Gladiator Is a Devilish Hauler

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Mad scientists at Dynatrac build the Jeep Gladiator we all want, and then drive it cross country.

If it feels like we’ve been waiting forever for a new Jeep pickup, it’s because we have. And now that the Gladiator is finally upon us, we don’t really have much to complain about. After all, the Gladiator is an amazing machine that gives us pretty much exactly what we’ve wanted all along. Well, except for a couple of niggles. Many of us would love to be able to buy a two-door Gladiator. And maybe on with V8 power.

The folks at Dynatrac Products felt the same way. But instead of complaining about it like us, they went out and built one. They simply chopped up a stock Gladiator and shortened the frame and body first. Then, they swapped a Mopar V8 in the thing. But not just any old motor, of course. They went with a fire-breathing Hellcat crate engine, just for good measure.

Dynatrac Jeep Gladiator

It all sounds pretty simple, but in reality, this build required a ton of work and thinking on the fly. Of course, thanks to the magic of TV (YouTube), it’s all condensed into a few minutes. But in reality, we imagine the folks at Dynatrac put in dozens of hours to make this happen. Of course, it’s all worth it when they get to roll their amazing Gladiator out of the shop and rip those off-road tires to shreds.

Jeep Gladiator

Now all that’s left is to drive this thing 2,300 miles across the country to finish up the build. And you better believe that we’re every bit as excited to see this thing finished as the guys at Dynatrac probably are. If only we could be at the forefront of this epic project.

Photos: Dynatrac Products

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