Horrifying Video Shows Oil Filter After 50,000 Miles

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Ever Wondered What Would Happen If You Didn’t Change Your oil?

Oil is the blood that pumps through your car’s engine and keeps it alive. Unlike the blood in our bodies, however, it doesn’t naturally regenerate. So it’s up to you to take care of your car’s needs in this area.

Oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine and picks up contaminants in the process. So it’s important to change it periodically. While modern synthetic oils typically have longer service intervals than conventional oils, the 50,000-mile interval seen in this video is more than a bit extreme. In fact, it’s cruel and unusual punishment for your engine.

In the video below, a mechanic shows us the oil filter of a Hyundai Sonata after it went 50,000 miles without having an oil change. The filter is a blackened mass. The filter pleats are indistinguishable from one another. And the oil itself is simply sludge, more solid than liquid. It even breaks off into chunks.

The thickest oils will still exhibit a deep, opaque, brown color and flow smoothly, even after a cycle of hard service. After an oil change, most car motor oils will look something like a nice, tall glass of Guinness (please don’t drink it).

With old, sludged oil this thick though, it’s no surprise that it can’t do its job correctly. The oiling system has to work much harder to move that oil through the engine. And guess what? The customer who waited 50,000 miles to change the Sonata’s oil complained of rough running and poor performance.

No matter what you drive, it’s definitely a good idea to take care of your car, and not neglect routine maintenance!

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