How-To Tuesday: JK Windshield Lights Installation

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Taking the Road Less Traveled Never Looked So Good.

One of the greatest things about owning a JK, or any Wrangler for that matter, is the ability to customize it. You would be hard pressed to find an aftermarket bigger than what is out there for the Jeep. It’s not just because of the longevity of the Jeep, but more so the enthusiasm of making your Jeep a bit different than the next. One of the ways of doing that is what we are exploring in this week’s How-To Tuesday article about modding your windshield lights. It’s certainly not a new modification, but one well worth talking about.

There are many brands out there for this particular project. From high-lumen LED windshield lights to halogen lighting systems, you just need to find the one that looks best in your mind. Some people like the look and intensity of the bright LEDs, while others do not.


Once you have made that decision, it is time to work on the installation. That’s where this week’s How-To Tuesday article fits into the equation. Some of you are tried-and-true experts when it comes to making aftermarket modifications to your Jeep, the rest of us need helpful direction and guidance like this article. I fall into the second category. I am good at following directions; provided I have the right tools and a somewhat unlimited amount of time, I think I can pull of most projects. And we think you can too.

I am a big fan of the additional lighting systems, from the windshield lights talked about here, to bar lights, to extra fog lights. It is rare that having too much light while working or driving is going to be a bad thing. Taking the road less traveled never looked so good.

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