D.I.Y.: How to Cut Stock Jeep Fenders

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We don’t endorse the Intrinsic Off-Road host’s choice of long socks with sandals but this Jeep fender-cutting tutorial can teach you a few things.

Fender-cutting tutorials are an old hat around these parts, but it’s been a while, so we thought we’d visit the subject once again. We’ve covered this topic a lot in the past, but thanks to this new video we found from YouTube’s Intrinsic Off-Road, we felt it was the perfect time to talk about it again. We have a lot of new members and site visitors, and this video goes so in-depth on a lot of the details of cutting fenders it seemed too perfect to pass up.

Now, we will say from the start, this video is informative but not exactly entertaining. Stick through the full 27 minutes and we promise you will learn some good tips. This is not the first set of fenders this kid has cut down, and he has lots of little tricks and insights that only come from experience and screw-ups. And honestly, that is the most valuable kind of knowledge. From the way he sizes the Jeep fenders to how it angles and adjusts his tapers, there is a lot here to learn.


Of course, we certainly don’t recommend his choice of long socks with sandals as protective footwear. But avoiding those gaffs, this is probably one of the best fender cutting tutorials we have ever watched. He even goes over what makes cutting and removing the front and rear fenders different from each other.

Jeep JK Fender Cut Tutorial

Still, overall it’s a great video and we hope you guys like it. And if you are one of our new members or visitors, and you still don’t feel comfortable about this project, reach out in the forums. We have some of the best members on the Internet and we can promise you will find someone willing to help answer questions for you.

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