Jeep/Corvette Mashup Might Be the Worst Thing Ever

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Jeep Bodied Corvette

You might think that Jeep body panels poorly fit to a Corvette chassis is about as bad as it gets. But then, it gets worse.

The idea of a “hot rod” Jeep is nothing new, of course. We’ve seen some pretty excellent attempts at building a performance Jeep, too. But most of these abominations are exactly that – abominations. Surgery gone wrong, if you will. And most of the time, these projects wind up in such a state of disarray that their disillusioned builders simply give up. Like this mind-numbing, unholy, makes you want to bleach your eyes Jeep-bodied Corvette.

This front runner for worst build of the year is currently up for grabs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Craigslist, if you’re interested. Interested in shelling out a few grand for what appears to be a pile of mismatched parts and terrible fabrication work, that is. It started with what we hope was a wrecked C5 Corvette, which reportedly had only 36,000 miles on it. And from there, things get steadily worse.

Jeep Bodied Corvette

The interior is also all C5 Corvette, and there’s even a T56 6-speed transmission to bang gears with. By now, we know what you’re thinking. Rip off the Jeep body parts and you’ve got a cheap Corvette kart! But you’d be wrong. Because the seller has already removed the engine and dropped in it another one of his cars. But hey, he’d be happy to include it in the sale for the low, low price of $25k!

Jeep Bodied Corvette

Prior to the engine’s removal, the seller claims that this pig on wheels actually ran and drove. Which is pretty hard to believe given the fact that the fenders literally sit on top of the tires. Perhaps he meant it ran and drove without the Jeep panels on it.

Jeep Bodied Corvette

Regardless, we doubt that this incredibly bad project will ever reach completion. We’d like to say that’s a bad thing, but is it really? Perhaps somebody should buy it just to put it out of its misery!

Jeep Bodied Corvette

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