Jeep Cherokee Avoids Flying Camry Hood on Freeway

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This is why you need to make sure your hood is properly latched.

The team at Autoblog recently shared a video showing a Jeep Cherokee narrowly avoiding the hood of a Toyota Camry after it ripped free from the sedan. The footage was captured by a vehicle driving near the Jeep and Toyota when the incident happened and it reminds us of the importance of making sure that your hood latching system is properly functioning.

Dash Cam Footage

This footage comes from the YouTuber krole dashcam and it was recorded by a Blackvue DR900s-2CH system with both a front- and rear-facing camera. While the vehicle with the camera was driving along the highway near Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, the rear-facing camera shows a Toyota Camry from the early 1990s passing on the driver’s side. As it passes, we can see that the hood is not properly latched and there is a late model Jeep Cherokee driving on the passenger’s side of the vehicle with the camera.

Camry Hood Up

As the Camry passes the camera vehicle, the footage switches to the front angle as the sedan cruises by. After a few seconds, when the car has pulled five or six lengths in front of the camera vehicle, we see the hood blow open and rip away from the vehicle – tumbling through the air to the right of the camera.

Camry Hood Airborn

The footage then switches back to the rear angle, where we watch the Jeep Cherokee swerve around the flying sheet metal. Had the hood have hit the Jeep correctly, it could have led to a significant damage to the Cherokee. In fact, had this occurred in denser traffic, both the flying hood and the swerving SUV would have posed a risk to others on the road.

Jeep Avoids Hood

Fix Your Hood Latch

It is not uncommon to see vehicles driving around areas without an annual safety inspection with hoods that do not close properly. In most cases, the emergency latch under the hood will keep a “popped” hood secure, but as we can see in this video – that latch doesn’t always keep things in place at high speeds.

Fortunately, no Jeep Cherokees or any other vehicles (shy from the failing Toyota) were damaged in this video, but it serves as a fine example of what could happen if your hood latch system is faulty.

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