Jeep Cherokee Gets Unstuck from the Alaskan Snow Thanks to a Dogsled Team

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KL Jeep Cherokee Gets Some Help from K9s

Some tourists in Alaska recently found out that they needed more than horsepower to get their rented Jeep Cherokee out of the snow. Luckily, they got some help – in the form of dog power.

“Neil Eklund and his son, Lauro, were returning from giving a dogsled tour on the Chena River when they saw a silver SUV stuck in the snow by Pike’s Landing. Like many good Samaritans, they figured they ought to lend a hand,” according to News-Miner. That silver SUV? A new Jeep Cherokee. Based on its wheels, it appears to be a Latitude model. (We assume it has four-wheel drive, but that doesn’t really matter now, does it?)

The father and son duo, which operates Skookum Expeditions, had just wrapped up taking some people on a dogsled tour past Pike’s Landing and were on their way back when they spotted the hapless sightseers and their immobile rig. The two Eklunds dropped off their passengers, came back to the Jeep, then hooked their nine-dog sled team up to it. After some digging and pushing from their human handlers, the pooches pulled and took care of the rest. Their enthusiasm for moving forward eventually freed the Jeep.

Brings a whole new meaning to the idea of dogs being man’s best friend, doesn’t it? In this case, they happened to be a Jeep’s best last resort. No winch, no traction pads or other means of getting grip, and apparently no other vehicles (such as a Power Wagon) were around to pull this Cherokee out. The people who drove it (and got it jammed in the white stuff) got lucky – and a helluva story to tell their friends for the rest of their lives.

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via [News-Miner]

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