Jeep Cherokee Has Six Wheels…and Infinite Coolness

By - 1982 Jeep Cherokee 6X6

Say hello to Hexapod, the Jeep version of the Mercedes-AMG G63 6X6.

Six-wheel vehicles have had a moment in the past several years. As if the Mercedes-Benz G-Class couldn’t get any cooler or more capable or more expensive, AMG went ahead and made a 6X6 truck version of it (you might remember seeing one of them stuck in the snow on this site). There’s also an aftermarket six-wheel-drive version of the almighty Ford F-150 Raptor out there. And now there’s this badass 1982 Jeep Cherokee.

According to the motorheads at Jalopnik, it can be yours — for $18,000. The original ad on Autotrader states it has a V8 and only 8,000 miles. It’s never been in an accident or snow, and has new paint, satellite radio, an upgraded sound system, a DVD player, and a backup camera. Oh, and a sunroof. Actually, make that two.

That’s not exactly an exhaustive amount of information, considering how modified this Jeep is. Fortunately, a Jalopnik reader did some digging online and came up with a Craigslist ad for this very same Cherokee 6X6 from 2014:

“6 x 6 Jeep Cherokee 1982 (Hexapod) by Dick Cook

$22K or best offer

I brought it from Dick Cook in 2009. Cook was known in the ‘Obitron’ with Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth who was an artist and a Hot Rod designer and builder through out 1980s to 1990s. Cook and Dirty Doug helped build the ‘Obitron’ with Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth in 1995. Dick also built an 8 x 8 Jeep Willy named ‘Centipede’ as one of his masterpieces.  Cook wanted to sell some of his collections to build a boat during his retirement. I happened to work with Dick’s son Mathew at that time who introduced me to this 6 wheeler.

I named the 6 wheeler ‘Hexapod’ as it has 6 legs. It has a Chevy 350 engine and a transfer case that link the front and the back wheels as it turns. It has very tight turning radius. It normally runs on 4 wheel drive and can be engaged to 6-wheel drive with the cap lock.

I took it to a custom shop to fabricate the black powder coated roof rack, bumper, tire mount and Nerf bar. I also installed 4 porthole windows, two sunroofs. and an off-road jack. In addition, I installed the DVD stereo system, rear view camera, two amplifiers, 4 speakers and a powerful subwoofer. There are also four halogen searchlight and fog lamps. The seats are new with the addition of rear bench seat ordered from California. Finally, I had it painted red at the body shop. I moved to Georgia shortly after the jeep is finished customizing.

The engineering of this jeep is ingenious. It runs well and climbs very steep slope. It has been taken to the canyon ridding in Kingman Arizona couple of times before moving to Georgia. This 6 wheeler is a very unique vehicle and may be only one of the two that built by Dick Cook.”

Unique is right. It looks as if Easter Jeep Safari came early this year…

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