Jeep Comanche Project: Going “Weapons-Grade” for the Ultimate Adventure

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1986 Jeep Comanche Pickup

Chapter 1: Intro

Some models and actresses get their starts by being noticed on the street by an agent. Once they start working, they get made over, start dressing in finer clothes and go to exotic locales for work and pleasure.

Think of the 1990 Jeep Comanche in the video the same way. Zone Offroad Products saw something in this old truck and decided to give it a new life as the company’s re-styled star in the 2011 Ultimate Adventure hosted by Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine.

The redhead, codenamed Project MJ, would be receiving a lift, new tires and axles, drivetrain mods and a full rollcage for the week-long excursion. Click the “Next” button below the video to see this rough rig transformed into a dirt-trail dynamo.


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