Jeep Fan Pitches Herself as Brand Spokesperson

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We’ll certainly give Kelley Buttrick this – she had the nerves to do what a lot of us have probably wanted to do, but just never had the guts.

I mean, c’mon, who hasn’t thought about pitching themselves as a spokesperson for a product they like or own? I’ve certainly thought about it, but never followed through on the idea.

However, Buttrick, a diehard Jeep fan, decided to take her desire to do voiceovers for the brand straight to the masses with a self-promotion campaign. The pitch includes a series of eight video clips (including the one below) featuring the self-described “Jeep Chick” explaining why she’d be perfect for voicing a Jeep ad campaign.

In one of the videos, titled “Jeep Hair? Don’t Care,” Buttrick speaks of not needing hair products, because she gets her hair styled by riding in her Wrangler with the top off. Another, titled “Jeep Grand Wagoneer…Who’s Your Mama?,” talks of how the future SUV is well-suited for a woman with a family, like herself.

Even more interesting, Buttrick actually has the professional experience that makes her a viable candidate for the gig. She’s already done voiceover work for companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Toys “R” Us, and she actually owns a Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.

Whether or not Jeep takes Buttrick up on the offer remains to be seen, but it certainly is a clever effort.

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