Jeep Grand Cherokee and Renegade, Are They True Jeeps?

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It’s the question many hardcore Jeepers have asked for many years — are Jeeps other than the Wrangler, capable and worthy of the iconic Jeep moniker?

Personally, I know the Grand Cherokee and the Renegade are, in fact, true Jeeps. I’ve tackled ridiculous obstacles with both of these machines, and they’ll go as far as you’re willing to push them. But don’t take my word for it, just go ahead and watch the video below from Everyday Driver.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee will allow you to off-road while cocooned in leather-wrapped surfaces, heated seats, steering wheel, and even while jamming to your favorite band on satellite radio, despite your trail’s remote location. On the other hand, the Renegade is much more basic, but nearly equally as capable.

The little Renegade offers great ground clearance, a torquey turbocharged engine, and all the necessary off-road electronics to help dig its claws through the toughest of terrains. Oh, and it’ll set you back about half the money the Grand Cherokee will!

So, are we all in agreement now that these are “true Jeeps”?

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Via [Everyday Driver]

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