Producer’s Love for Grand Wagoneer Will Drive Documentary

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Jeep Wagoneer text

Love them or hate them, there’s certainly something unique about those Jeep Grand Wagoneers.

As a Jeep fan, I’ve never really had the kind of affection for them like some of my friends, but I certainly can understand the popularity of those classic wood panels for some.

In fact, I’ve grown a little more appreciative of the Grand Wagoneer after reading about an Emmy-winning TV producer’s passion for the SUV that was published in a recent AutoWeek report. Katie Sullivan, who is currently working on a documentary about the Wagoneer, talks about how she first fell in love with the Jeep, and how her own 1988 model came to be called “Clara.”

Jeep Wagoneer interior text

The producer has even created a Facebook page called “Wagoneers in the Spotlight” where other fans can share their love for the Jeep.

One of my favorite Sullivan lines from the story is, “The hood ornament is miles in front of me, and I revel in the V8 engine. My high school mixtapes are reborn. I can close my eyes and recall the first sunset I experienced driving the Jeep home along the New York State Thruway, comforted by the orange safety cone my aunt put in the tailgate, and the 20 bucks she tucked in my pocket.”

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In another paragraph Sullivan writes, “Clara is my memory-maker and my adventure mobile. It’s hauled everything from pumpkins to camera gear. My boyfriend jokingly calls this Jeep my first love. He coined the term ‘Wagoneering’ for my social media forays.”

Yup, that’s definitely love, and the kind that should fuel an interesting documentary on the Jeep Wagoneer.

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Source [AutoWeek]

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