Jeep is Officially a ‘Cult Brand’

By - Jeep Named Cult Brand by The Gathering

The Gathering named Jeep as the only auto brand in its 2018 list of Cult Brand Honorees, which also includes Snickers & Jack Daniel’s Whiskey.

When you get together with your fellow Jeep owners, what do you consider the group that you form? A motley crew? A family? A squad? According to The Gathering, which identifies itself as “an annual, informal coming together of the enlightened, influential illuminati behind the famous names that are getting customer engagement right,” you’re part of a cult.

Since 2013, The Gathering has been bringing together the thinkers and executives behind the companies who win fanatical loyalty and devotion from their customers and followers so they can share their principles and strategies. This year, it picked eight companies who have developed that rabid following: Vans, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Beats by Dr. Dre, Snickers, Gatorade, charity: water, Playstation, and Jeep. The Gathering honored all of its 2018 nominees and their leaders for their courage, strong band management through unconventional thinking, and benefiting from their cult-like status in Banff, Alberta, February 21-23.

Chris Kneeland, The Gathering co-founder and Chair of the Brand Selection Committee, said, “Other automotive brands have been nominated over the years, but it’s so fitting that Jeep is the first Cult Brand Honoree. It’s an iconic brand with vehicles that stand apart from any other in the automotive category. Their marketing, product innovation and customer engagement are best-of-breed and represent exactly how cult brands foster internal and external brand engagement.”

Cult may be a strong word to describe what Jeep has created, but it certainly has developed a huge following of avid owners and enthusiasts. We went wheeling with many of them during Austin JeepPeople’s 2018 Polar Bear Run. We’re happy to report that none of them were wearing robes or chanting creepy things.

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