Jeep Renegade’s Italian Sibling Spied

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Fiat-500X-Scoops-1 feature

I can only imagine how this is going to play out here considering talk that Jeep might be going soft, but I figured I’d comment on it anyway because it’s part of the brand’s new global strategy.

Well, in a way.

With Fiat’s ownership of Chrysler now in full swing, that push for global dominance I spoke of in an earlier report includes a Fiat vehicle built on the same platform as the new Renegade, according to a CarScoops report. Captured in the spy photo, the Fiat 500X will certainly have a different design flair than the compact Jeep as revealed in the prototype, but much of the stuff underneath will probably be a lot of the same.

Hey, not even Jeep can avoid the sharing of platforms in this day and age. On the flip side, the Renegade will probably feature a few cool elements picked up from its Italian sibling as well.

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