Jeep Rescues Snow-stricken Motorists in Missouri

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Modified Grand Cherokee was enjoying some winter play when it found itself answering the call of duty.

2019 has gotten off to an icy start for many people across the United States, with winter weather pounding areas like Union, Missouri. Fortunately, when the roads became too tough for many motorists in Union to handle, Vincent Vitale and his Jeep WK Grand Cherokee were there to lend a helping hand. Area news station KSDK-5 saw the story online and sought out Vitale for more on his actions during the wicked snow storm.

Jeep to the Rescue

This past summer, the internet was chock full of images and videos of Jeep owners helping folks in areas affected by flooding and as winter has fallen, owners of the most capable vehicles in the world are still quick to lead a hand to someone in need. When the Union, Missouri area was pounding by ice and snow last week Vitale and his “favorite toy” hit the road with the plans of seeing if he could help any stranded motorists while also jumping on the chance to play on the slippery streets in a vehicle built to handle that sort of abuse.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Pulling a Tractor Trailer

Unfortunately, many vehicles are not equipped to deal with ice and snow, leaving them stuck on the road, or in slightly-safer situations, on the side of the road. Knowing that this would be the case, Vitale headed out to Highway 50 in Union, where there are steep hills known to cause problems in icy conditions. Sure enough, there were many cars, trucks, SUVs and even some tractor trailers stranded on the road. Many were waiting for tow trucks, but with so many accidents being caused by the storm, motorists spent hours waiting for help.

Jeep Pulling a Camaro

Hero Without a Cape

They say that not all heroes wear capes, and that is particularly true in this case, as the heroes in Union were wearing a Nike sweatshirt and a set of 37-inch off-road tires. For hours, Vitale and his Jeep slowly pulled vehicles up the hill, eventually dragging at least 10 cars and trucks along with five tractor trailers to safety.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear

He explains that some of the tractor trailers weighed around 50,000 pounds, but the lifted Grand Cherokee was able to pull them out of their slippery situation.

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