Jeep Smashes Corvette On Way to $30k Dog Party (No, We Didn’t Make This Up)

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Rich people do some really weird things. Like, really weird things. Recently, singer/actor/producer Ray J decided to host a “dog party,” which as you may have guessed was a big party for the dogs that belonged to him and his friends. And he spent a full $30k on making it happen. Now I understand that you are probably wondering what in the hell any of this has to do with JK Forum, but I can explain. You see, when everyone was arriving for the party, there happened to be an accident that involved a certain Jeep. Ray J pulled up to the party in his Ferrari, and right behind him came a friend in a Corvette. Well, as the Corvette driver was stepping out of his ride, in comes a Jeep that smashes into the machine and nearly rips the door off.

While it is not very nice to poke fun at an unfortunate Corvette driver, it is hilarious to see something like this happen at a $30k dog party. For those of you who are canine inclined, like myself, there appears to be no injured pups (or humans, for that matter). Thanks to the incessant prying eyes of the paparazzi, and ridiculous tabloid sites like TMZ, you can see some of the action unfold on video (see below).

And remember, it is sad to hear one of our own involved in such an incident, but the fact that this is considered news by a large portion of our country is utterly comical in the best (and saddest) ways.

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via [TMZ]

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